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How it Works for Riders & Striders

Contact any local church taking part in Ride & Stride, or the County Organiser for Kent [provide link], or the Friends of Kent Churches.  Alternatively use the downloads on this website. 

On the day of the event all the participating churches are open from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. Cycling is the most popular way of travelling from church to church, but you can walk, run or use public transport or even go by car, horse, scooter or canoe – whatever you choose.  May it a special fun day for a worthy cause.

Thank you, good luck and enjoy!

How it Works for Parishes

If you’d like to take part then please contact your county church trust. There are full contact details on the Ride+Stride Near You pages.

There are no set hours for opening your church – 10am to 5pm works well, longer is even better if possible, but we appreciate whatever you can manage.

Make sure there is someone on hand to welcome visitors. Some visitors may only stop by briefly, but some will want to look around.

If you can lay on refreshments and organise events (say, a guided tour) then so much the better.

There’s no need to restrict your welcome to Ride+Stride participants and it’s a great opportunity for outreach and raising the profile of your church!