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After the Ride & Stride

Collect your well-earned sponsorship money from your sponsors and return it, along with your completed Sponsorship Form, to your local Ride+Stride Coordinator by the end of October.

Make sure that you include your details and those of the church that you wish to receive half of your sponsorship money on your Sponsorship Form, so that your sponsorship money can be correctly distributed – if you do not specify a church to receive 50% of your sponsorship, the full amount will go to your local county churches trust.

Raise as much sponsorship money as you can by asking your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you. You can be sponsored a set amount for every church you visit (for example, £5 per church), or a set amount for the day. Encourage all your tax-paying sponsors to Gift Aid their sponsorship, as Gift Aid adds an extra 28p to every £1 that a sponsor donates (please note that for your Trust to claim Gift Aid, your sponsor will have to provide their full name and address).

Congratulate yourself for a fantastic fundraising effort that has helped to secure the future of historic churches and chapels, and start looking forward to next year’s Ride+Stride!

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