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Before you Start

To help raise money for Ride & Stride you will need to be sponsored by your friends and family. You can get sponsorship details from the local Ride+Stride organisers in your county.

Raise as much sponsorship money as you can by asking your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you. You can be sponsored a set amount for every church you visit (for example, £5 per church), or a set amount for the day. Encourage all your tax-paying sponsors to Gift Aid their sponsorship, as Gift Aid adds an extra 28p to every £1 that a sponsor donates (please note that to claim Gift Aid, your sponsor will have to provide their full name and address).

Every pound raised is divided 50/50 between a church of your choice and the local churches trust in your county, which allocates its share of the funding to church buildings in most need of repair.

Once you have signed up for Ride+Stride then collect your Sponsorship Form and a list of participating churches from your local Ride+Stride organiser, and prepare your route to include as many churches as you can safely manage on the day (in some counties Suggested Routes are available, should you prefer to follow those).

Fetch your bicycle or put on your walking boots, and get ready to start Riding and Striding!

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