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001 St Mary the Virgin Church Newington


How to get involved

Ride & Stride takes place on Saturday 14th September 2024


Play your part in preserving Kent’s heritage by visiting Kent’s churches and chapels and be sponsored for doing so.  Money raised during Ride & Stride is shared equally between the participant’s nominated church and Friends of Kent Churches


Obtain your sponsorship form 

The Ride & Stride local organiser in your town or village will have all the forms you need and ​can answer any questions. To find your local organiser, ask at your local church or contact the County Organiser, Rosemary Dymond, and they will be able to help.

Alternatively, you can download a sponsor form and churches visited form here 


Plan your route 

Now you have your sponsorship form, the next step is to plan your route and.  The list of Participating Churches and Chapels will give you some ideas.  Some people visit their local churches, and some like to explore another part of Kent which they do not know so well.  Taking a train for example to Canterbury and walking around the many churches there is a popular choice, or visiting the churches on Romney Marsh.


Get sponsored 

Use the sponsor form to record what your sponsors are donating.  If they can also offer Gift Aid please make sure they give their details and tick the appropriate box.  This means that we can greatly increase the money you raise by claiming back the Gift Aid.  Online sponsorship is also an option through Just Giving.


The money raised can either be split equally, with half going to the Kent church or chapel you nominate, and half going to Friends of Kent Churches which give grants to Kent’s churches or can go entirely to Friends of Kent Churches.  There is a box on the sponsor form for you to say where you want your money to go to.



If you feel this is all a bit too active, volunteer to be a Welcomer at a church on Ride & Stride day and be sponsored for doing this very important task.

Other ways to help might be to prepare refreshments for riders and walkers to make them feel especially welcome. You could also offer to help your local organiser or area organiser. Contact the County Organiser Rosemary Dymond if you do not know who your local organiser is or want more details.




After the event – collect your sponsorship money 

Once you have collected in all your sponsorship money pass this onto your local organiser with your forms and they then send all the sponsorship monies for their area onto the Ride & Stride Treasurer.  If you do not know who your local organiser is ask at your local church or contact the County Organiser, Rosemary Dymond



Although the organisers cannot be responsible for those taking part, they encourage safety by reminding everyone not to put speed before safety. Please check the latest advice from the new Highway Code - rules for cyclists, rules 59 – 82

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