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How Ride & Stride Works


Half of all sponsorship money raised goes to the church or chapel of your choice, and the other half goes to the Friends of Kent Churches, who distribute it in grants to help maintain the churches in the county.

Last year’s Kent Ride & Stride raised £124,565 including gift aid.


There were 325 riders and 241 striders, In addition, 100 welcomers themselves were sponsored too.


Since it started, Ride & Stride has raised over £3 million in Kent and we hope to add to this total in 2023.

How Ride & Stride Works for Riders & Striders 


Participants plan their own routes with the assistance of a printed list of churches and chapels. There are usually more than 700 of these places of worship, scattered right across our big county of Kent, and wherever you go you’ll be assured of a warm welcome.   Go individually, as a couple, with friends and family, with a cycling club, with your work colleagues, with school friends, with choirs, with a sports team – whoever you wish. Visit as many churches as you wish, between 10am and 6pm.

A sponsor form can be downloaded or ask at a local church.  When seeking sponsorship please do also ask sponsors to tick for Gift Aid if they are tax payers; this increases their donations by 25% with no cost to them. Ask your relations, friends and colleagues to sponsor you – so much per church or chapel visited. or a fixed amount, every penny counts!



To find out more about becoming a Ride & Stride participant, or request a sponsorship form, send an email to the County Organiser 


How Ride & Stride Works for Parishes 


When participants take part in Ride & Stride day the sponsorship money they raise is divided equally between their nominated church and Friends of Kent Churches which provides grants to help preserve Kent’s churches and chapels. Usually, participants nominate their local church or chapel and it is a good opportunity for members and friends to support their local church in this way.

Over 700 churches and chapels in Kent open on Ride & Stride day between 10am and 6pm. Welcomers at the church greet visitors and sign then in so the participants have a record of churches and chapels visited. 


An open church or chapel attracts visitors whether participants or not and it is a good chance to show what the church or chapel has to offer. Some churches and chapels provide refreshments and many take pride in drawing visitors’ attention to their special features, or they may put on events such as talks about the church or chapel together with displays.  Some churches and chapels even turn it into a festival with a choir or bell ringing. 


Money raised during Ride & Stride day is shared equally between the participant’s nominated church and Friends of Kent Churches who make grants to support Kent’s churches.  So, encourage as many members of the church or its supporters to participate by cycling or walking from church to church and those not taking part to sponsor them.  Welcomers can also be sponsored.


If your church has not taken part before and you are interested the County Organiser, Rosemary Dymond,  can provide more information.


The supporters of Ride & Stride have produced a delightful short film explaining the event and its purpose. Please do take a look at the film! 

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