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Thousands of “Riders and Striders” take part in Ride+Stride for Churches each year. By helping to organise the event, you will be at the heart of the action in your local area, playing a key role in making the event a success.

Get involved in your area by contacting your local Ride+Stride organisers. 

Volunteer Roles

There are a number of different roles available to volunteers throughout the year. Making Ride+Stride for Churches happen is 100% the result of the work put in by volunteers.  By taking part you are truly making a difference for local churches all over England.  If you love history and architecture, if you love meeting people and organising social activities, if you enjoy research or making cakes, there is a role for you.

Roles across the counties include:

  • Welcome people to your church
    You will be the face of the event, welcoming people to a unique day of visiting churches on the second Saturday of September. Simply greet and tell people about your church and local trust, or help with registration.


  • Lead your church team
    You will be helping your church to raise funds by encouraging people to sign up to take part and support your church. You will ideally have strong organisational and communication skills. If you are good at motivating people to take part in activities this may be the role for you. It is possibly the most rewarding of the volunteer roles on offer as it is at the heart of the action.


  • Provide refreshments
    You will organise a small team to provide refreshments for visitors.  This is a popular role as you will meet Riders and Striders on the day, and make a real difference to the experience for visitors to your church who will be very happy to see you!


  • Area organiser
    As an area organiser you will get be contact with churches and chapels in your area, provide them with all the materials that they need to take part and be a point of contact to support and help church team leaders and those providing refreshments. You will be someone who enjoys helping people and likes meeting new people, visiting churches and building networks.


  • Co-ordinator
    A pivotal role, you will either work alone or as part of a small team in leading the events for a local trust. You will be a point of contact and support for area organisers. You will support them and provide them with everything they need. You will also coordinate volunteers working on the development, promotion and marketing of the event, convening meetings and following an annual timetable to make the event run smoothly. This is a key role and without it the events would not take place. If you are a natural born leader and enjoy coordinating teams of people, this is the role for you. There are also opportunities to support other volunteers by organising social events and awards.

Get involved in your area by contacting your local Ride+Stride organisers. 


Or you can take part!


Sign up in your area to participate on the day.

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